Sending money between MTN & Airtel with eKash

Effortlessly send money across networks in Rwanda with eKash. No extra charges. Dial 1821*2#. Simplify transactions and maintain costs

Previously, we discussed transferring funds between MTN to MTN and Airtel to Airtel within Rwanda. However, did you know that there exists a method to send money seamlessly between MTN and Airtel networks without incurring extra fees? This method is known as eKash, and in this article, we will delve into its functionality and operation.

What is eKash?

eKash is a groundbreaking approach enabling you to effortlessly send money across all communication lines within Rwanda. This means you can seamlessly transfer funds from MTN to Airtel or vice versa, all while maintaining consistent costs. [Read the release announcement]

What does it take to use eKash?

You have to agree to terms & conditions before using eKash
You have to agree to terms & conditions before using eKash

To get started, simply agree to the terms and conditions of eKash by dialing *182*11# on your mobile phone, regardless of your network. Once you’ve followed the provided instructions and accepted the terms specific to your line, you’ll be ready to utilize this seamless method for transactions.

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How do you utilize it?

To initiate money transfers, it’s essential for the recipient to also agree to the eKash terms and conditions. They can do so by following the method we’ve demonstrated above.

This is how you transfer money using eKash
This is how you transfer money using eKash

Step 1: And then, to access the service, dial *182*1*2# on your mobile phone using any network you’re using.

Step 2: After entering the provided digits, you’ll be directed to a section where you’ll need to input the recipient’s telephone number, referred to as the eKash ID. In some cases, it might be labeled as the Receiver number or Account number. Regardless of the terminology, they will request your phone number during this step.

Step 3: In the following field, input the desired amount of money you intend to send. As a standard precaution, verify that the names correspond to the intended recipient and ensure the entered monetary amount is accurate. If everything aligns, proceed to confirm by entering the PIN.

It’s important to highlight that the cost of sending money remains consistent. Whether you’re sending money from MTN to MTN or from MTN to Airtel, the charges remain the same. This approach is designed to bolster cash flow and mitigate the challenges we initially discussed about money transfers. And that is it, we can now send money to anyone despite the line they use.

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