Digital Discourse: What can we expect from AI space in 2024? What to do?

At the end of 2022, ChatGPT was introduced as a smart technology using artificial intelligence (AI). Since then, lots of changes and great achievements happened. Now, as we begin a new year, people are excited and wondering about what will happen in the AI world. We don’t know for sure, but we can guess a bit by looking at how things ended in 2023. This was a big topic in a meeting (Digital Discourse) with the Rwanda Technology Community on January 12, 2024, where we talked about what might come next in AI.

Our weekly remote session

In our talk, we looked at what new and cool things might happen and discussed what we, as tech people and innovators, can do. If you want to know more about what AI is, check out our article by clicking here. Now, let’s chat about some of the big trends we think will happen.


Chatbots are like smart programs or websites that use artificial intelligence to talk to people, either by typing or speaking. You probably know some, like ChatGPT, Bard, or Siri. Most folks connect AI with these chatbots. Now, let’s talk about some cool things coming up for chatbots with some major updates expected, such as:

ChatGPT, the most popular AI ChatBot

GPTs: At the close of the past year, the creators of ChatGPT, OpenAI, shared exciting news about the upcoming GPT Store. This platform aims to empower various individuals to build their own chatbots using ChatGPT. The system is designed to enable anyone to provide their data to the AI and instruct it to perform specific tasks based on the information given. This concept is akin to how people create mobile apps and upload them to platforms like the Play Store. The GPT Store holds the promise of democratizing access to AI capabilities, allowing users to leverage their data for personalized and diverse applications.

Multimodel: You know how ChatGPT mostly talks with text in chats. Well, now it’s getting even better. It’s learning to use audio and photos too, thanks to side models. This Multimodel stuff lets one model handle all these cool things without needing extra ones. And guess what? There are some really big Multimodals coming, like Google’s Gemini and GPT-5, and they’re expected to be game-changers.

Integration with Search: In the last year, we noticed chatbots teaming up with well-known search engines like Bing and Google Search. This year, we can look forward to even stronger collaborations and the emergence of new search engines powered by AI. It’s like chatbots and search engines are becoming even better buddies, making it easier for us to find what we’re looking for with the help of AI.

Content Generation

At the beginning of 2023, it was difficult for the average person to use this technology to create intellectual works such as graphics, music, videos, or even photos. But at the end of this year, everyone has the ability to do it because of the different models that have been made and opened to the public. These tools include Bing AI, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and others that can do this.

One of the popular images made by AI shows Donald Trump getting arrested by the NYPD

In the coming year, we can anticipate more creations using these models, and they’ll become really good at making things that seem just like what people create themselves. This might lead to an increase in Deepfakes, making it tricky for folks to tell real from fake information. On the bright side, those who use it wisely might tap into a money-making machine. Imagine people using these models to craft amazing artwork and content, sharing it on platforms like YouTube or Instagram, and earning a good amount of money from their creative efforts.

AI with Hardware

AI programs often seem like they really understand what they’re saying. They guide us with steps to follow, promising success. Now, picture if they could actually perform the tasks they instruct us to do. This is becoming a reality where technology acts as the brain or soul of a robot body, bringing a new level of capability and intelligence to machines. It’s like the instructions themselves can be executed, making these programs not just knowledgeable guides but active participants in carrying out tasks.

Google Deepmind research lab robots can figure out tricks while playing football. (Source: 60 Minutes)

This year, we anticipate significant improvements in technology. The upcoming launch of Apple’s Vision Pro is generating excitement, rumored to be equipped with AI technology. Self-driving cars, a long-standing focus of automakers, are expected to see notable advancements. AI is also making waves in robots designed for demanding tasks, and their popularity is likely to grow this year.

Moreover, new types of phones are integrating AI for unique features, setting them apart from the phones we’re used to. This includes enhancing phone cameras, monitoring phone conditions, and adapting to user actions. These advancements will not only see considerable progress but may also encourage electronic device manufacturers to incorporate more AI into their products. The future looks promising for technology with these exciting developments on the horizon.

AI integration

Over the past year, the private sector has been actively seeking ways to enhance the capabilities of its products. Particularly, businesses offering online products and services are incorporating AI. According to them, this integration not only boosts the efficiency of their operations but also attracts investors. Additionally, adopting AI is seen as a strategic move to stay competitive and avoid being overshadowed by the advancements in AI technology that are reshaping the market landscape.

This image shows AI integrated in Google Docs to allow users to use it without leaving the page.

In 2024, we’ll witness a surge in AI applications across various sectors like education, medicine, and research, simplifying work processes, creating tech-based games with intelligent NPCs, and enhancing the capabilities of existing products. It’s a time for everyone to explore fresh ways to integrate AI into their work, discover methods to add value, maintain competitiveness in their businesses, and save time in the long run. Embracing the potential of AI is not just a trend; it’s a smart strategy to stay innovative, efficient, and ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and business.

Some problems to expect

As technology advances rapidly, it brings both benefits and challenges, like concerns about job displacement. Staying informed about tech developments and emerging institutions is crucial for navigating uncertainties and positioning ourselves for a positive future. Stay proactive, and keep an eye on the evolving tech landscape.

Many people are afraid of job displacement but there are more than one problem.

Other problems include:

AI Regulation: Governments must establish regulations to ensure the responsible use of technology, preventing harm. However, the rapid growth of technology outpaces the government’s ability to keep up. Additionally, those setting regulations often have ties to technology companies, raising concerns about potential conflicts of interest and whether the rules truly benefit everyone. Striking a balance between innovation and ethical oversight is crucial for harnessing the benefits of technology while safeguarding against misuse.

Lawsuits: Lawsuits are emerging, such as The New York Times suing OpenAI for profiting from their data without their involvement. These issues are likely to increase as creating these models requires vast amounts of data taken from various websites, often without proper rights. Future challenges in AI activities, especially during elections in many countries, are anticipated, posing ethical and legal concerns regarding data usage and privacy.

What should you do?

All these developments will impact you, whether you like it or not. To protect yourself in this fast movement, there are so many things you can do, but let’s combine them in three simple actions:

Leverage AI: Start by understanding how AI works and incorporate it into your work and daily tasks. Learning how to use AI effectively not only enhances your skill set but also adds value in your professional endeavors. Consider sharing your knowledge by teaching others, contributing to a broader understanding of AI applications, and securing your position in the job market.

Create with AI: Foster an entrepreneurial spirit by crafting tools, developing AI models, and establishing businesses centered around AI. This proactive approach not only solidifies your position but also attracts investors. By being a driving force in the AI space, you not only make a meaningful impact but also safeguard your standing in a rapidly evolving landscape.

AI Business Ideas from Dan Martell, one of the experts in SaaS businesses

Do nothing: (Not recommended) While we can’t predict the exact consequences of inaction, history has shown that during the early stages of new technology, there are substantial opportunities. Choosing not to engage might mean missing out on potential benefits. Consider taking proactive steps, as doing something different often opens up new possibilities.

Whatever path you choose from the options above, it’s crucial to recognize that technology will continue advancing at a pace that might exceed expectations. The effects are already visible, and staying informed is key. To keep your knowledge current and engage with like-minded individuals, consider joining the Rwanda Technology Community. We host weekly discussions on various tech topics, providing a platform for shared learning. If today’s topic sparks your interest, share your insights in the comments, and let us know if there’s more you’d like to explore.

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