Hepta Pay: An ideal solution to send money to East Africa

Discover Hepta Pay: Effortless cross-border money transfers & services. No registration needed. Instant notifications for smooth transactions.

Have you found yourself eager to send money to individuals in East Africa, yet struggling to discover a straightforward method to facilitate these transactions? The challenges of navigating this process from your location to destinations in East Africa are evident, often accompanied by excessive fees that diminish your intended funds. Amidst various solutions vying to address this dilemma, one option stands out: Hepta Pay.

Hepta Pay presents a seamless, cost-effective, and rapid solution for sending and receiving money across diverse countries, with transactions commencing at just 1000 Rwf. This versatile platform also extends its utility to encompass additional services, including purchasing airtime, acquiring electricity tokens, facilitating merchant payments, and more.

Hepta Pay Logo
Hepta Pay Logo

Where did it come from?

Hepta Pay, developed by Hepta Analytics, is a web-based application accessible to all users via the internet. According to insights shared by Emmanuel Chebukati, the Director of Hepta Analytics, the inception of Hepta Pay stemmed from the realization that situations often arise where individuals require a means to settle for services or transfer funds without convenient access to a nearby agent.

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Why Hepta Pay is your choice?

  1. Registration is not a prerequisite for utilizing Hepta Pay’s money transfer services. With just your bank card and the recipient’s contact number, you can seamlessly initiate transactions.
  2. Hepta Pay empowers users to send money to three specific countries: Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, DR Congo and Burundi regardless of their global location.
  3. The platform facilitates seemingly fee-free money transfers of any amount, effectively at a conversion rate of 1 dollar to 1000 Rwandan francs (1$ = 1000Rwf).
  4. Directly from your bank card, funds can be transferred to the recipient’s mobile money or Airtel money accounts, eliminating the need for intermediary steps.
  5. Whether making payments to merchants or transferring funds to individuals, the process doesn’t necessitate visiting a bank. Simply employ your bank card and complete the transaction through your phone.

How to use Hepta Pay?

As highlighted by the Manager of Hepta Analytics, in the event of any issues during the money transfer process, the platform offers assistance by promptly notifying users via email about the encountered problem.

Start Using Hepta Pay

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